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grain of sand
Do I lead my life like the wind of chance?
Or follow the flow like the streams of power.
I have no purpose that I can see.
I want very little from life and those around me.
Whatever blocks my path I still manage to get what I want?
Or at least make the choices that land me where I need to be.
Whether by instinct grand design or calculated plan,
All I can see is where my foot will fall next.
As I rise above and do what is demanded.
I seem to meet every challenge
Those around me see a fool that barely hangs on
I see a man simply strolling by
And what I really am is of no great consequence.
Until someone or something breaks my shell.
Until then I glide or float to my next task at hand
Making subtle difference
Like a grain of sand.
:iconwindfox:windfox 0 2
Nameless Monster
perfectly forgotten
Twisted and deformed
Working to break everything
And Broken to no end
Never present
But Always around
Legitimately fake
Counterfeited to perfection
Starving every part of all
still Hungry for the whole
Lost in life
Fixed in death
Increasingly failing
still falling short
While laughing madly
A Crying Anomaly
Never acting
Ever dreaming
Something into nothing
Seeking to substitute a name
Full of emptiness
The hollowed Being
The monster under you're bed
Not worth Naming.
:iconwindfox:windfox 2 1
The Hater
(A man walks out of his bathroom putting on a bullet proof vest and walks to a table sewn with guns seeing him self in the mirror he addresses the audience.)
Ah so its you, I'm glad you could see me off before I go. I know I shouldn't do what I'm going to do just as you know how right it is, so don't try to stop me okay. This time of the reverse renaissance needs a little reality pumped in to it. And I'm the one to do it. I have nothing to loose, no wife no kids, to ties of any kind, besides my job and [adult swim] there is nothing for me to but sit and watch the 3\/i1 ways of people and there foolish actions. And I'm tired of it.  SO first I'll start with the racists, then work my way up.
(The man continues to load 45. rounds in to clips.)
  I mean seriously, can't we all just get along. America is one of the free places on earth, people have and are still dieing for this stinking cesspool of operation! And I don't care what I have to kill to if there is so much as
:iconwindfox:windfox 0 1
Rat Boy
Once upon a time there was a rat-boy named bob that lived in the sewers of Chicago and enjoyed the company of other rats. He was a survivor and lived with out the contact of other human beings simply watching the world above as time did its work. Having no human contact he did not remember much about is past; in fact he remembered nothing at all. He was not sure if it was because he did not want to or if there was nothing to remember but he did not think much of it and lived his life day to day with the rats enjoying life like all the other rats. Running through the sewers, sneaking in to other homes, or just watching the people above; Bob had a life that he was happy with.
Then one fine day Bob came across the strangest thing. "Hello! Can any one hear me?"
"What was that?" he asked his rat companions. So they all went and fallowed the sound. Not being tricked by the echoes they soon found the source of the odd noise. It was one of the people from up above walking around the deep sewer
:iconwindfox:windfox 0 0
My Love for Irony
It was a dark and windy night as I walked out alone with teary-eyes. The streets were empty and all the buildings were dark with sleeping people within.
Driven by some insane sorrow that stabbed at my heart, I walked on in some unknown direction, not caring where I was or how I got there.
"How could she do that in front of me?" I said to nothing but invisible ears and shallow winds as I choked the words out through whimpers and tears. The image of my best friend curled up with her boyfriend on the couch only made me wail out loud into the night.
Then I began to run, I ran hard, fast and without reserve. I ran past every silent, dark building and they all smeared into a blur, over the empty streets as they morphed into black rivers under me. Through the shallow winds so they whirled like hurricanes past me, until I fell out of existence and into a sea of grass where I found myself staring up at a cathedral of stars.
I was in the park and I thought about her. I thought about all the thin
:iconwindfox:windfox 1 2
Necromancer power up by windfox Necromancer power up :iconwindfox:windfox 0 7
Evil Master Mind
Evil Master Mind
By Adam Davis
There was a time when I was plagued with a sickness that made food taste like ash, my eyes water, and my strength leave me, it made it hard for me to breath, I'd want to throw up, my heart with a dull pain, screaming out in to the night, and despise my best friend. This sickness was not of a physical kind—even though it did thwart me in that way as well, but no this was a sickness that every person has bore the burden. And if they haven't, then they are moreover extremely lucky, (or will burden it some day). Even now, I still don't know the name for what it was that made me act that way. Heartbreak, obsession, or maybe I was just insane at the moment. But whatever it was that ailed me so, I felt the urge to write about it instead of some other real disease that I had to endure in my short life. Even now I can see it all happening, even now I can feel it, even now I see her with her new boy-toy, even now she holds him as I longed to be held, even now she k
:iconwindfox:windfox 0 0
Mature content
A Girl and Pizza :iconwindfox:windfox 0 4
My new beginning
From the winds of sand,
And mountains,
And heat I blew in,
To the winds of the sea,
And the trees
And the shore.
Were the sun always shines,
Through rain,
But never snow.
And the wind blows free,
In and out of the seas,
Forming mountains of water,
For all to ride.
And all that could harm me,
Were my shadowy dreams,
From and old mind,
And the unknown paths set ahead.
A new chapter,
A new world,
With new dreams for an old hope.
:iconwindfox:windfox 0 1
Kitsune Eyes by windfox Kitsune Eyes :iconwindfox:windfox 0 1
Shades of my heart
A song of sorrow fills a ball room,
In mine heart.
Ghosts of dreams dance,
An endless waltz,
Of dreary gloom.
For my dreams have died,
With the flying of thy heart,
And the fluttering of thy wings,
Is the beat of my song,
That plays for my ghosts,
Of dead dreams.
Hope is the gate keeper,
Of my dreams,
Stopping them from passing on,
And leaving my heart.
All thought shades fill my heart,
My love for you will not be forgot.
So all I have is your friendship,
And that is all the love I ask of you.
:iconwindfox:windfox 0 4
shadow winds
Standing with winds
Whispering sounds
Long and far
As I listen I hear
My loved ones cry
I try to wrap my arms
Around the wind
With failure
To ease my fiends
Pain and cries.
:iconwindfox:windfox 0 1
As the eyes close
Darkness unfolds.
Hells gates open,
Unleashing beasts,
In the form of thoughts.
Wave after wave,
Of monsterus ideals,
Slam into thee,
Slowly killing,
Slowly drowning,
What innocence left.  
The hell we fear,
Is in our heads,
Uncontrolled thoughts,
Unbound risks,
Running free in our minds,
Slowly killing our souls.
This is hell,
All in ones head,
Power to think,
And the choose to think,
Think the unknown,
And think of the darkness untold.
Why dose one cry?
Sadness, fear, anger,
Pain, happiness, dirt.
All just ideals on things,
To help grasp nothing but the air.
All meads nothing,
All breaks nothing,
All nothing but a living hell.
:iconwindfox:windfox 0 1
Eyes Despair
Eyes that see,
Eyes that bleed,
Eyes that cry tears of pain.
Silent as the dark,
Wet as the ocean,
Holding back,
Emotion of the soul.
But time wares the dame,
And the tears bleed though.
Obscuring our view,
And all we see is blue.
With a blink of times eye,
The sorrow slowly dies,
A tear falls crashing,
Tacking apart of our soul,
Leaving us that much more empty.
As we stand watching.
A cold hell of despair,
That we can change,
As much as the air.
The tears continue,
The soul seeps with them,
And we watch,
As wind blows,
Caring away our hopes,
With our loving torment,
Of ghastly woes.
:iconwindfox:windfox 0 0
Untiteled 2
Walls that block my path,
With stand any wrath,
Any well laid craft.
All demise lay before me,
All in her eyes.
All pain finds me,
All in her words.
Like the dawning of a funeral bell.
Like a demon eating my soul.
Like a spear piercing my heart.
As I lay exposed for crucifixion.
This is all in a feeling?
This is all in a thought?
This is all in a word?
Is there nothing I can do or say?
To reverse what has been done?
I am nothing.
:iconwindfox:windfox 0 0
The Untreated Path
"Bound by sacred rules,
That I choose to fallow,
As I watch wasting away."
"Not taken, not walked on,
Played with, or cleared.
Only glanced at, and shunned."
"The traveler looked, and ran,
Yes, she ran from me,
And were I might lead,
Me, a lonely path,
Unable to move,
To stop her from leavening me."
"All I can do is watch as she walks another,
Forgetting me, as I soon become unseen,
The untreated path."
:iconwindfox:windfox 0 0

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I shoot good guys >: )
South Korea
Current Residence: Islands of Hawaii
Favourite genre of music: All kinds exsept Polica
Favourite photographer: Laura Sandifer
Favourite style of art: Black and White & 3D
Operating System: Bordome
MP3 player of choice: Scandisk
Shell of choice: A Shell Of Wind
Wallpaper of choice: Darkness
Skin of choice: Body Armor
Favourite cartoon character: L
Personal Quote: Better than Zombies...

So, here's how it works:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
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5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend your cool... and a lot of the songs fit with the setting

Opening Credits:
Space Harrier I got the Space beam OC…

Waking Up:
Cool Spot OverClocked Spot OC…

First Day At School:
Mario Kart 64 Rainbow Snowland OC…

Falling In Love:
L no Shisou-DEATH NOTE Original Soundtrack III (Yea I can see it 2 people meet then start deciding if they will  kill each other.)

Fight Song:
Mixing-Dj Qbert (Oh shi- Like Afro Samurai)

Breaking Up:
Where Angels Play-killer7 original sound track (Disc 1)

Prom night:
Shane's Song-Bill Hicks

Thieves of Fate (Days of Summer) - Thieves of Fate

Mental Breakdown:
Boiling Point (Bad Boss Boogie)-Kong in Concert (I can hear my head exploding)

Emiru maniax 2002 (M1dy remix)-DJ Shrapnel
(-_-; Ok so I'm on an acid trip as I drive)

Kid Icarus Funky Dungeon OC…

Getting back together:
Vote Falsification-killer7 original sound track (Disc 1) (too Perfect)

Procedural jiggle bone-Portal (sounds like I'm getting Marred in a space slasher film)

Birth of Child:
Final Doom Iron Demon OC…
(And the Horrible Alien Monster is born then kills everyone.)

Final Battle:
Omnislash (Hurry Up!) - Voices of the Lifestream

Funeral Song:
Resound of Silence-killer7 original sound track (Disc 1)
(And the father of the Horrible Alien Monster fails in destroying his sin spawn and his torn  bloody body is left to float in the vacuum void of space FOREVER!)

Final Credits:
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Technomancy OC…
(what is with all this Video game music! I have like more than half of my shit is like classic rock!)

Now playing: Led Zeppelin - Trampled Under Foot
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